Gubkin University SEG Student Chapter announces the recruitment of new members.

If you – are interested in geosciences, enterprising, full of ideas,  want to organize a conference, or become one of the participants of the international program. Or maybe you want to find new friends all over the world, and finally use Facebook for – purpose, and not for the bonuses in games. You just need to join our chapter.

Memberships in SEG for students is !!! FREE !!! and opens up a great opportunity!

PS. Only Students of Gubkin Russian State Universityof Oil and Gas can become members of our Chapter

Follow the news, do not miss the Meeting!


Gubkin University SEG Student Chapter

posted 28.07.2015

13-16 was held 6th International Geoscience Student Conference, organized by the students of the Czech Charles University in Prague. Traditionally, the companion of the conference is 2.5 – day course SEG/ExxonMobil Student Education Program.

140 people from around the world participated in the conference, and 40 of them participated in the educational program.

Two students of our University participated in these events!

Information about the conference:

Details of the educational program:



SEP/ExxonMobil Student Education Program 2015, Prague, Czech Republic.

posted 08.07.2015

Dear students!

If you missed the lecture Evgeny Landa ” Pitfalls and challenges of seismic imaging “in the framework of the SEG Europe Honorary Lecture, you can see the record in the public domain, both in English and Russian languages.

posted 19.06.2015

Dear students!

SEG Photo Sontest 2015 – opened, applications will be accepted until July 31!

From you – the original photo on the geological and geophysical subjects, from SEG – money prizes:

1st place: US$300
2nd place: US$200
3rd place: US$100
4th place: US$75
5th place: US$50

Photos send to the

Details on


posted 8.06.2015

Dear students!

In the framework of the Russian Oil and Gas Technical Conference will be held SPE Regional competition of student works.

The competition is held in three categories:

– Contests of student work (28 October 2015)
– Contests of master’s theses and PhD papers  (October 29, 2015).

Winners in each category will go to the international competition of students’ works, which will be held in 2016 in Dubai, UAE in the framework of the International Conference SPE ATCE-2016. Travel and accommodation will be paid for SPE.

Reception work until June 15, 2015


posted 25.05.2015

Dear colleagues!

Novosibirsk SEG Student Chapter invites you to take part in international project
which will be held in the format of the field camp in the picturesque mountains of Altai.

The project is aimed at developing professional relationships and professional development of the participants:
– Students of engineering, natural sciences, engineering specialties;
– Experts from the educational, research, industrial organizations;
– Everyone.

Participation in the camp is recommended students and professionals in the field of earth sciences and archeology.

As part of the camp will host a series of field geophysical experiments, seminars and lectures.

How to get involved can be found in the group


posted 19.05.2015

Dear students!

Due to some changes in the rules of SEG, we ask you to fill in all the information belonging to the student section on the site!

To do this, go to this link: .. (need to enter a username, password);

Next – Go to the tab ‘Participation’
in the ‘Student Chapter’
Add new – ‘Add New Student Chapter’
and select: ‘RUSSIA: Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas’.



posted 6.05.2015

IFP School with the support of Total offers a free open online course: “From exploration to distribution”.

Certificate – for the successful completion of the course!

Starting May 11th.
Details by the link:

posted 25.03.2015

Dear students!

We invite you to the conference room on the 2nd floor of the library on April 8 at 16.00 in the lecture Evgeny Landa within SEG Europe Honorary Lecture.


posted 12.03.2015
FRESHHH online international student competition where students in teams need to engage in the development of new oil company from the establishment, to make decisions in research and development projects for finding rich deposits. Build refineries for various products and look for the best option for their implementation.

FRESHHH – common economic strategy (tycoon) to apply the knowledge gained in the field of oil and gas!

5 best teams on the basis of international bidders will have the opportunity to start a career in the MOL Group (GROWWW graduate program), and the first three will be awarded cash prizes.

The team must consist of 3 people!

Register your team before !!! April 3 !!


posted 03.03.2015

BP announces the start of the scholarship contest for undergraduate (professionals)
Basic requirements for candidates:

A candidate for the scholarship student BP should be 2 or 3 courses and student 2, 3 or 4 courses specialties (in the current academic year), specializing in one or more areas of science, technology and economics: physics, chemistry/petrochemistry, oil business, geophysics, macroeconomics, financial markets, international energy markets, government and business, game theory, econometrics, statistics, conceptual design of ice-resistant structures, pipelines, oil and gas production.

The advantage over other students participating in the selection of the scholarship BP, students will have:

1. do not receive scholarships of other organizations or foundations;
2. demonstrate the highest academic progress, interested in studying issues related to energy and exhibiting leadership qualities.

To participate in the scholarship contest applicants must complete the application

on BP site before !!!March 22!!!


posted 21.02.2015

Dear students!

Do not miss the chance to get the experience of performing and the opportunity to learn for ourselves something new and useful!


posted 16.02.2015

Dear students!

Before March 1, you have the opportunity to apply for scholarships SEG

The scholarship of $ 500 to $ 14,000 dollars in one academic year, an average of $ 2,500 is paid

You are required to:
– Marks above average
– Knowledge of English
– Two letters of recommendation from teachers
– Fill out the application form on the website

SEG Foundation

posted 20.01.2015

Announcement of the ”CHO 2015”

posted 19.01.2015.

Dear students!

Application for participation in the educational program SEG / ExxonMobil Student Education Program (SEP) is opened.

Participation can take undergraduates and students of 4-5 courses.
The application must be filled online

The program is traditionally a companion of the International Student Conference on Geoscience (IGSC), this year the event will take place in Prague, Czech Republic.

Deadline: February 15

Prague SEP

posted 13.01.2015

Application form EAGE / EFG Photo Contest 2015 is opened. The main theme of Geoscientists at Work with four nominations:

1. Education & Training,
2. Landscapes & Environment,
3. Fieldwork,
4. Energy.

Applications will be accepted until March 1. If you win your photo will be published on the site EAGE. And will participate in the exhibition of photos at several conferences.

Photo contest

posted 05.01.2015

The activities in the past academic year 2013-2014 Our chapter was awarded the certificate “Excellence” level “Base”. This is the minimum possible level in the ranking of a chapter, so we have room to grow. We have a high potential and we can easily achieve the highest level of this school year! Details on the criteria for the awards read here.


posted 01.01.2015

Happy New Year!  We look forward for new members in our ranks!


On 13.07.2015 on 16.07.2015 in Prague (Czech Republic) will be held

6th International Student Conference on Geoscience (IGSC6)!
This event – one of the most important and memorable events in the field of earth sciences among students and young scientists. The official website of the conference.


If you want to participate in a field camp in Europe, before the  February 1 you have the opportunity to fill out an application for this event.

01 FEB 2015 – EAGE Geophysics Boot Camp 2015 Application

Want to take part in one of the largest exhibitions and conferences in the field of Geosciences in Madrid, extended abstracts serve until 15 January.

15 JAN 2015 – 77th EAGE: Extended Abstracts

Our chapter was taken a part  in the organizing committee of the 5th International Student Conference on Geoscience (5th International Geoscience Student Conference), which was held July 28 – August 1, in Nizhny Novgorod. A very significant event in the “Student World”, as it is organized for the students of the same students.


Four students of our University received a grant to participate in an educational program SEG/ExxonMobil Student Education Program at the annual conference IGSC5.