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Admission to MSc Programme "Applied Petroleum GeoScience" for 2016/17 academic year is open!

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Admission to MSc Programme "Applied Petroleum GeoScience" for 2016/17 academic year is open!
by admin admin - Saturday, 23 July 2016, 3:37 PM

We are happy to announce that the admission process for 2016/17 academic year has started and we are now collecting applications for admission!

If you wish to apply for the HWU programme taught in Gubkin Univ. in the academic year 2016/17, please fill in the attached forms (ALP APPLICATION.DOCX, applicant_sheet.xlsx), add the supporting documents and send them to programme administrator: by August, 10th. Please note you need to fill only one row in file applicant_sheet.xlsx (no.3), colums from A to AH. The guidelines for filling may be found in the second row of the file.

Please note that you need to get the response by e-mail confirming your request for application has been received and the files have been filled in correctly.

Your request should be accompanied by a copy of any English proficiency certificate (IELTS or equivalent).If you do not have one, you'll be given time to pass an IELTS English level test and obtain its results till September, 15 (In this case please provide the evidence confirming that you've successfully finished training in some English school/courses). Please refer to for the dates of the forthcoming exams in Moscow, Russia. The current threshold for entering the Programme is 6.5 for the IELTS academic test.

The list of supporting documents you need to provide in the electronic (scanned) form:

  • copy of your previous degree (BSc or Eng) diploma and transcript (supplement to the diploma), verified by dean of faculty or notarized.
  • translation of the diploma & transcript into English. You may request a template of the transcript translation from the Programme coordinator.
  • Grade summary sheet for the MSc 1st year (if you're studying at Gubkin) -  example attached - Grades_1year.xlsx
  • IELTS (academic) certificate and any other evidence of your English level proficiency
  • CV
  • references (if any available)
  • front page for the application (attached - Summary sheet.docx). Please note that GPA is calculated for the previous degree - using exams and grade-based courses (including course papers); for the 1st Msc year you need to provide 2 gpa versions - first using the same principle as for the prev. degree; second - using exam marks only.
  • filled Application for msc courses (attached) - you may type the answers or handwrite them, please do not forget to sign the document. The answers may be the same as in ALP APPLICATION.DOCX file
  • filled applicant sheet
  • filled summary sheet

If you need any assistance and clarification, please do not hesitate to contact the programme administrator via e-mail.

The tuition cost of the programme is RUR 1 000 000, which currently corresponds to USD 17 000 (this does not include living expenses and insurance).

We are looking forward to meeting you at the Applied Petroleum Geoscience MSc Programme!