About the Programme

What's the goal of the Programme?

The main goal of this Programme is to train specialists for oil and gas companies and also for geological services enterprises. The Programme is applicable for postgraduate students with a BSc / Engineer’s degree in technical sciences. It allows the  students to acquire necessary knowledge and skills for design, operation and management in the geologic exploration sphere.

The Programme graduates will be capable to accomplish tasks in the following spheres: 

  • Modern lithological and petrophysical studies;
  • Modern research methods for structurally complicated deposits on the basis of seismic and well-logging data;
  • Integrating 3D seismic data and well log results on the basis of rock physics models;
  • Joint interpretation of geological and geophysical data in the process of 3D geological modeling;
  • 4D monitoring of oil and gas fields development.

The main purpose for the Programme graduates is searching of oil deposits and effective planning of exploration and development activities.  The traditional types of hydrocarbonates as well as nontraditional such as oil-formating shale, heavy crude etc. are subjects for research activities. The Programme provides training of specialists for exploration of all above mentioned potential hydrocarbon reserves.

Who should be interested in the Programme?

Bachelors and Engineers in:

  • geology
  • geophysics
  • petroleum engineering
  • applied mathematics

What's innovative in the Programme?

A distinctive feature of the proposed MSc Programme is its coverage of disciplines, including the whole range of problems related to the construction of detailed three-dimensional geological models of complicated reservoirs.


Information about the structure of the Programme

The program is developed and conducted by several departments: well-logging dept., dept. of lithology & dept. of exploration geophysics.

Classes are conducted by the leading lecturers of Gubkin Russian Oil and Gas University, possessing a high level of expertise , extensive experience in the field of higher education .

Form of study : full-time .

Duration: 2 years .

Classes are held in the form of lectures , seminars, practical ( laboratory ) classes, tests, consultations, etc. During the course modern teaching aids are used (audience , equipped with computers with specialized software ; audience equipped with specialized equipment ( electron microscopes , etc. ) .

Double-Diploma Programme

The Master's Programme provides an opportunity to obtain two diplomas - from Gubkin University (Russia) and Heriot-Watt University (UK).

The courses of the Heriot-Watt programme are taught in English at the Gubkin University in the second year of programme. The Heriot-Watt programme assumes an additional competitive selection of students at the end of the first year (the test and interview in English). The training is conducted solely on a commercial basis (although for the best students the University will provide an opportunity for free training through the sponsorship of the leading oil and gas companies).

Students of the Heriot-Watt programme are provided with individual teaching materials; training and self-study will be conducted in a specialized separate computerized classroom.


Contact info:

Programme coordinator – assoc.prof. Alexandre Belousov, e-mail: belousov.a@gubkin.ru

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